What is SSL Certificate?

August 18, 2022 / SSL / By Sonu

What is SSL Certificate

Are you making plans to launch your new website? Do you need strong protection for your newly launched website? Well! You are on the right path. We, SonuPrasadGupta.Com, provide complete protection of your website. We do this via creating an SSL certificate for website. We ensure the protection of your data and the prevention of cyber attacks

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a kind of code used in digital communication. When you open your website it displays on the web browser with padlock and https in address bar before your domain name. Thus, the web browser will try to contact your newly created website to acquire information from it. Hence, you have to provide the information to the browser in an encrypted format. An SSL certificate can help you to create that format.

Type of SSL Certificate

  • Domain Validated SSL also known as DV SSL: The SSL certificate authority verifies the domain and validates it through this certificate. Therefore, the domain will show as a registered domain and the site owner is genuine. The certificate authority generally verifies the domain via emails. The authority will verify through DNS or HTML validation.
  • Organization validated SSL also known as OV SSL: The SSL certificate authority validates the domain as well the organization through this certificate. You have to provide detail about your company, the country of origin and other information to get OV SSL certificate from the authority.
  • Extended Validation SSL also known as EV SSL: You only can get this certificate from the certificate authority if you provide the details about your company and its legal documents. The authority will verify all information and then grant the certificate.

  • Wildcard SSL: This certificate protects multiple sub-domains. You can get this certificate for multiple subdomains under a single domain name. For example, if your main domain is abc.com then the subdomain will look like bb.abc.com or xyz.abc.com.  

  • UCC or SAN SSL CertificateThis certificate is used to secure multiple domain names. It protects multiple domain names and host names within a domain in one certificate.

Need for an SSL

A website needs a certificate to secure your data and to verify the administrator of the website. Your customer input his credit care or payment details on the websites to purchase something, therefore SSL certificates assure their data will protected. SonuPrasadGupta.Com offers you the best prices to buy SSL certificate online.

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